This is A. Blob

This is A. Blob is a masterfully illustrated picture book suitable for children ages 4-8. by author L.A. Kefalos It is the first in a series following the antics of A. Blob, a slimy, purple, blob-like creature who wreaks havoc on the elementary school playground with its bullying ways. As the story progresses, however, readers learn that there may be more to A. Blob than meets the eye. Along with its powerful illustrations and rhymed verse for early readers, this story invites children to put themselves in the shoes of another. The book encourages readers to consider why bullies behave the way they do – and start to consider what can be done to help.

  • Addresses difficult topic of bullying for young children (4-8)


  • Prompts open discussion and deepens cognition


  • Vivid illustrations


  • Easy-to-read rhymed verse



  • A. Blob is gender and race neutral


  • Shows both sides of bullying


  • Lesson Plans created by educator specializing in child bullying


  • accompanying discussion questions and hands-on activities



 “Wonderful book with a very important message for not only children, but all of us as well. I highly recommend those raising children, to purchase the book and read it to your children and then refresh their memories right before their school starts each year” –Amazon purchaser




“Beautifully illustrated and a story written with purpose.”-Amazon Purchaser

“Very good book. Quite age appropriate. Excellent message as well. Was my granddaughter's first book.”-Amazon Purchaser

“Beautifully illustrated and a story written with purpose.”-Amazon Purchaser

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