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Laughing Leopard Press has just published our second book in the A. Blob series A. Blob on the Bus.  This children's book continues where the first story This is A. Blob left off.  The bullying pile of purple gob has made its way onto the school bus. It looks like A. Blob didn't learn any lessons from being left alone on the playground after bullying the kids at Lincoln Elementary.  It is back to its old tricks of terrorizing kids.  Only this time is worse because they are trapped on the bus with the menacing gooey being.  See how they handle being stuck in this sticky situation.

The wait is over, we are proud to announce  A. Blob makes its return in A. Blob on a Bus!  We heard from the kids that they wanted to know what happened to the bullying pile of purple goo. The last time they  saw A. Blob, it was left alone on a see-saw with a tear in it's eye.  We are anxious for you to see what happens next .   

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