Crocs, Pots, and Wildebeests

Crocs, Pots, and Wildebeests is the story that debuts Alexandra the Great Pretender, a feisty 7-year-old who is constantly battling with her mother to avoid homework. Her weapon of choice is her vivid imagination that she uses to escape from what she believes is the doldrums of learning. On this day, Alexandra tries to get out of a trip to the library by telling her mom she has just captured a crocodile. Alexandra's fabrications become more problematical as she tries to wiggle her way out of going to the library. In a twist of fate, she finds herself needing the use of a library to get her out of a rather risky situation


Chinh India Kids Film Festival   Nominated Pre-school/ Early Education /Animation Category

Kids First Film Festival Nominated  Best Independent Short Shorts Ages 5-8

Los Angeles Womens International Film Festival.


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