A. Blob on a Bus

A. Blob on a Bus

Uh oh, look who is back!  Yes, it is A. Blob and  it is starring in the children's book A. Blob on a Bus.  This is the second book in The Blob Trilogy . You will recognize some familiar faces from  our first book This is A. Blob along with some new faces.


In A. Blob on a Bus, the puffy purple pestering blob is still oozing with anger.   Trapped inside the bus, with this pile of  grumpy goo, what will the kids of Lincoln Elementary school do?  They can't run away from the bully like they did in This is A. Blob.  They are in grape big trouble.  There seems to be no escape from the slimy purple gob.  Get a copy today and find out who if anyone is going to save them?

A Yellow Buggy that carries us

illustrations by Jeffey Burns

Alexander the Great Pretender

We are excited to announce that our beloved Alexandra from the animation Croc, Pots, and Wildebeests will be making her debut on the printed page in A. Blob on the Bus.  She has grown a little. Let's see if you can recognize her!

Watch the Trailer!


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