A. Blob is Born

Who or what is A. Blob? A. Blob is a slimy, purple, blob-like creature who wreaks havoc at Lincoln Elementary school. It is the main character in a series of children’s book about bullying. There are a total of three books in the series published by Laughing Leopard Press. This first installment This is A. Blob follows the antics of this menacing creature on an elementary school playground. As the story progresses, the readers learn that A. Blob may have more than meets the eye. The second book, A. Blob on a Bus, boards a school bus with A. Blob and we discover what happens when children are confronted face to face with this bully. Will, they just try to ignore this meddling creature Or will they take a stand and discover what lies beneath the purple gooey mess?  The third and final book in the series is in pre-production and will reveal all we know about A. Blob – like just what does the A. stand for in its first name?

The Grape of Wrath

 The creator of A. Blob, L.A. Kefalos didn’t want her character to look like the stereotypical  bully often seen in books and film because she knew that bullies come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. So as not to fall into any preconceived ideas of this character, she made A. Blob look like no other.  The idea of making the character in the form of a blob-like creature allowed the bully to be left up to the child's imagination or at least to wonder what lay beneath its gooey shapeless exterior. As far as why purple - why not!

Guess Ooze Coming to Dinner?

What inspired L.A. Kefalos to create A. Blob? “The news”, she says, “Children being tormented by bullies to the point where they consider suicide as a solution. Something had to change.”  That something was to start talking with kids at an earlier age about bullying.   “We need to change the behavior of kids as they move on to the higher grades,” Kefalos stated, “ If they see at an early age what an effect their actions, both good and bad have, maybe they will be less likely to pick on others and more likely to support those who need it”  Knowing that ending bullying is a group effort, L.A. teamed up with education and bully experts to create discussion questions, lesson plans, and hands-on activities to aid guardians in broaching this  topic. “My book can't end bullying alone.  It is just one line in an enormous narrative.  But it can start the discussion. “  The lesson plans include discussion  questions that challenge children to start thinking and talking about bullying.  The questions are designed to not only teach children what they should do if they are a victims of bullying but also to see the effect their actions or words can have on others.


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